Can I extend the GoView class

Hello Again,

How can I extend the GoView class.
Here i my code:
using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using Northwoods.Go; namespace MethodBuilderWin.GoClasses { public partial class GoView { public Block_Node_Dictionary BlockNodeDictionary { get { return _blockNodeDictionary; }

private Block_Node_Dictionary _blockNodeDictionary;


When I run my project and I type
GoView goView1. I don't see the BlockNodeDitioary come up as a property.
Also when I instantiate a go view class and I type goView the ADI
pops up the following message - "Ambiguous name.Choose from hte following:
Nothwoods.Go.goview and MethodBuilderWin.GoClasses.GoView"
the secon one is the partial class from above.
Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, it’s probably getting confused from the name. Just change the class name so that it doesn’t start with “Go”.