Can I hide the decoration on a subgraph?

I’m using a subgraph to show a set of related textnodes on the screen. I don’t want the user to be able to collapse the graph so I’ve the Collapsible property to false. The issue I have is that the decoration in the top left corner is still there. This is the decoration or control that would normally allow you to collapse the subgraph. Here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

Is there any way to remove this little leftover icon/decoration? Perhaps I'm using the wrong data type/structure for this?
Thanks in advance.

I still have a question on “hiding” the collapse/expand icon when disabling collapse on a subgraph but…

If I wanted to entertain the ability to allow collapse of a subgraph and have the following UI:
and if I were to allow the user to collapse the "system", I currently get the following resulting UI:
My question is what are my options in dealing with the way this looks? I'm referring to the way the link comes in and wraps? I guess I was expecting that the incoming link would not get drawn past the right edge of the subgraph.
Thanks in advance.

Just set the Handle.Visible = false when you set the subgraph to Collapsible = false.

On the links… it looks like you don’t have the links within the subgraph parented by the subgraph.

<span =“Apple-style-span” style=": rgb248, 248, 252; "> Try calling GoSubGraphBase.ReparentToCommonSubGraph, passing it the link and the two nodes that the link is connected to. (or use GoView.CreateLink, which makes the call to Reparent for you, after creating a copy of GoView.NewLinkPrototype)

The Handle.Visible change is working just as expected - Thank You.

Still working on the other issue. Part of the problem was that I was adding the TextNodes to the SubGraph but didn't include the Links - the links were added to the View directly. So I've updated it so that now all of the links and textnodes are added to the subgraph.
This is what I'm seeing now - a heck of a lot closer but now I have just a small artifact showing up between the label and the right edge of the subgraph. Any additional pointers? the link between the textnode inside the subgraph and the outside is currently added to the view and not to the subgraph.

If your GoSubGraph has a Port, try setting the static property GoPort.LinksRedirectedToSubGraphPort.

The GoSubGraph doesn’t have a port specified. Setting GoPort.LinksRedirectedToSubGraphPort has no effect.
What is interesting is that if I remove the 4 TextNodes which have the labels “Subsys…” and the switch textnode is the only one in the subraph, it looks ok like the following example which is in a separate part of my UI.

So I'm seeing a slightly different behaviour between the two with regards to the decoration showing up in one but not on the other.

I noticed tonight that the size of the textnode next to the edge of the subgraph in which the link comes in, determines whether the artifact shows up. The artifact goes away as a result of increasing the size of the textnode width wise. If I reduce the size of the textnode to the size I showed earlier on in this thread, the artifact shows up again.