Can Shape in selectionAdornmentTemplate be set as Port?


I’ve got an issue to solve …
I’ve got a 4 Ports on each side of a rectangular Node. The ports are showing themselves on hover, as shown below:
(please, imagine there is a cursor hovering the port)
But I also got implemented selectionAdornmentTemplate for this Node. So, after I select the Node and try to hover Ports, they are not above the “Node”, as you can see below:
(please, again imgane there is a cursor hovering the port)

My question is, if I’m able to make ports inside selectionAdornmentTemplate (so the ports will look like they are above the “Node”)? And if so, how?

Thanks for any advice!
Best regards.

Only Nodes can have ports. Adornments are not Nodes.

But you could change the appearance of the selection Adornment to look however you like. An Adornment inherits from the Part class, just as Node does.

An alternative is to change the appearance of the Node itself and not bother showing a selection Adornment at all. Please read

Ahh! I see now, my selectionAdornmentTemplate is a bit overkill here …
Thanks a lot!