Can we use div's scroll bar to scroll goview?

Can we use div's scroll bar to scroll goview in
We placed a goview in a div and set div's style overflow=auto , instead of using scroll bar in margins of goview. Why couldn't users drag the nodes to move in extend area? What do we need to do to implement this function? Or this function could not be implementted.

div scrollbars came along a long time after GoWeb. So I don’t think we’ve ever looked at that.

Since we did GoXam for Silverlight and now GoJS for html5 canvas, that’s where we’ve been pointing people that want higher levels of client-side interactivity in a web based diagram.

We just have GoDiagram’s license now. So if we want to make the scroll bar (not your default scroll bar in margins of goview) works we have to buy the license of GoXam or GoJS, because Go-Diagram doesn’t support this. Am I correct?


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