Cannot edit link text

I have not been able to edit link text (or node text either).

I copied the link template: “TransitionTemplate” and transition class from the StateChart sample. I set set the linktemplate and AllowEdit=true on diagram but cannot get edit box to appear when I when I click on the link text.

The link and text appear as expected. Part.TextEditable is true for the textblock. I’m evaluating the product for use in a WPF and possibly Silverlight application.

Any thoughts as to what I might be missing?


Several possible reasons:

Diagram.IsReadOnly is true (default is false)

The attached property Part.TextEditable is false on the TextBlock (default is false, but you have set it to true)

TextEditingTool.MouseEnabled is false (default is true)

TextEditingTool.Starting is TextEditingStarting.SingleClickSelected (the default value) and the Part (a Link in your case) cannot be selected for some reason. The latter might happen because Link.Selectable is false or because you’ve reached the limit on number of Parts that may be selected at once. There are other reasons too, such as setting Diagram.AllowSelect or Layer.AllowSelect to false (default of course is true).

By the way, the section “User Permissions” in the GoXamIntro document summarizes the properties.

Thanks for your help Walter.

I’m still unable to figure this out. However at this point I think I’m going to abandon the evaluation and move on.

OK; I’m surprised, but the “Transition” template that I assume you copied from the State Chart sample does support in-place editing in the State Chart sample, and it should work in other apps. If you come back to this, I can help you figure it out.