Cannot read property 'isEnabled' of null

Hello GoJSers, I started using GoJS recently and it’s, as Keanu Reeves would say, BREATHTAKING. However, an error pops up in my console from time to time. The error says Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isEnabled' of null at HTMLCanvasElement.push../node_modules/gojs/release/go.js.R.Mz (go.js:636). From what I’ve checked under my code, this property isEnabled doesn’t appear anywhere. What am I missing, someone had this same error before or? How can I fix this?

There are several “isEnabled” properties defined in the GoJS API, as you can find at: GoJS API

I have no idea of what might be going on in your app.

So there isn’t actually a way to catch where this error comes from?

The first thing to try is using the go-debug.js library and seeing if there are any warnings or errors in the console window.

BTW, there’s no function named “Mz” in the latest release of go.js. I’m guessing that you are using an older version?

My guess is that the HTMLDivElement that is supposed to host a Diagram hasn’t been associated with a Diagram yet.

Thank you for the kind reply :) This explains it