Can't move node


We have a node template that should be “fromLinkable” and “toLinkable”, but when these properties are true the node won’t move. Is it possible to have this node to be “fromLinkable”, “toLinkable” and still “movable” ?

Here is the node template:

var personNodeTeamplate = $(go.Node, "Vertical",
                "fromLinkable": true,
                "toLinkable": true,
                "locationSpot": go.Spot.Center,
                "locationObjectName": "ICON",
                "fromLinkableDuplicates": true,
                "toLinkableDuplicates": true,
                "movable": true,                
            $(go.Panel, "Auto", {name: "ICON"},
                $(go.Shape, shape, {
                        "width": width,
                        "height": height,
                        "strokeWidth": 2,
                        "fill": "white",
                        "portId": "mainShape"
                    new go.Binding("text", "age") 
                {margin: 5},
                new go.Binding("text", "name") 

Thank you.

If you really want the whole node to be the one default “port”, I suggest that you set GraphObject.fromLinkable and GraphObject.toLinkable to false on one or more elements within the node that you want users to grab for selecting/moving/copying/whatever.

There are some examples – just search for initializations of both “fromLinkable: true” and “fromLinkable: false” within the same Node.