Can't print page 1 to 1 in GoView

When I call GoView.Print() with a document that is at least 2 pages and then select to only print “Pages 1 to 1” as opposed to “All Pages”, it actually ends up printing page 2. Printing “2 to 2” prints page 3, etc. This happens in our custom GoView as well as the Demo1 sample app (with no changes).

The odd thing is that in the Demo1 app, I’m able to enter “Pages 0 to 0” and get page 1 printed, but if I try the same thing in the custom app, it displays a message something like “Page number is out of range.”

A bug in GoView perhaps? I have the same problem in both 2.6 and 3.0



I can print Page 0 in Demo1, StateCharter, OrgCharter and Planogram…

Yes, so can I. The problem is that if you want to print Page 2 (the second page), you have to select Page 1 in the dialog. It’s rather unintuitive to a normal user.

In fact, if you expect Page 2 of 2 to print and entered “Pages 2 to 2”, you’d get a blank page (page 3?)

Fixed in 3.0.3. Page range when the dialog comes up will be 1 … 9999. Since it’s not possible to know how many pages are going to be needed before the printer is selected and margins set, etc, we can’t set the “max page”, we leave the max at the default of 9999.