Canvas freezes after first action

Hello Walter,
I am using materialize, ractive, exceplusjs and sheetjs in my code. I call gojs last to overwrite any functions that may duplicate. The problem is as soon as my diagram loads i can click on it everything is ok but when i try to move or resize any element the canvas freezes i can’t deselect any element or resize i can’t do anything with the diagram. The canvas still has the highest z-index so the problem is not in not detecting clicking events. I have no idea what can cause it.

I wonder if you can help me.

First, make sure you are using the Debug version of GoJS.

Second, you’ll need to check the console log for any warnings or errors. Fix those, and then see if there are any problems. There shouldn’t be any warnings or errors when loading nor when moving or resizing nodes.

I am using the Debug version the console is just empty no errors, no nothing. :frowning:


I noticed when i select all items in my diagram with ctrl+A and then hold ctrl key they become white and my cursor has a small + sign on the right.I can deleted nodes and copy them from in the diagram but if i try to move them the diagram div and its canvas just stop responding

That almost sounds like the situation when moving nodes is not permitted. That can happen when Diagram.allowMove is set to false, or when nodes have their Part.movable property set or bound to false.

You say that the “canvas just stop[s] responding”. Do you mean forever? No keyboard commands or mouse events have any effect?