Change Link Shape


I am using GoToolLinkingNew for drawing links.

ReplaceMouseTool(GetType(GoToolLinkingNew), New GraphViewLinkingNewTool(Me))

I have orthogonal links, but i want to change the shape of link. I mean middle point of link should be towards from Node.

Can you please tell us which function i need to override and what properties i need to change.

Looking for your suggestions.

Do you have AvoidsNodes = true on the link?

Hello Jake,

I am not using avoidnodes property. May be i am not clear.
Please see below picture one insrted by control automatically.
Next graph is i resized way i wanted for my application.
I want to change starting link line size.
Looking for your suggestions.

The simplest way is to set the Port.EndSegmentLength of the grey node to be larger.

Also consider overriding GetMidOrthoPosition. The OrgCharter sample demonstrates that.

Hello Walter,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have done it. Looks like this method is only available if you impliment GoLink class. Not available if you use GoLabelledLink class.
Any idea?

No, you can. GoLabeledLink is really a GoGroup that creates the “real GoLink” in method CreateRealLink(). So, you can override CreateRealLink in your GoLabeledLink class, and return a GoLink that overrides GetMidOrthoPosition.