ChangedSelection is not triggered


i’m using the record mapper and when i click on different tables the changedSelection will be triggered.

But say currently i have selected one table and then i type in diagram.selection.first().isSelected = false, the previously selected table will not longer be selected but the changedSelection will not be triggered. Also if i then type in diagram.findPartForKey(i typed in a valid key here).isSelected = true, that part will be chosen but still the changedSelection won’t be triggered.

Any suggestions?


Yes, that is correct.

The problem is that when setting the individual Part.isSelected property on various Parts, how could the system know when to raise the “ChangingSelection” DiagramEvent and when to raise the “ChangedSelection” DiagramEvent?

You can call or Diagram.selectCollection or Diagram.clearSelection, which will raise those DiagramEvents. Also, various commands and tools raise those events.