Changes in Regional Settings affecting the diagram


I am changing the Regional setting of my machine from Decimal to comma as depicted in the below picture:
I am storing the value of diagram panel postion in database as a string for e.g 10,10.But after changing the regional settings from Decimal to comma,it is getting saved as 10;10 due to which I am unable to assign this value to diagram panel postion and getting exception saying "Input String was not in a correct format".
I am not sure whether it is a default behavior in Northwoods GoXam to store ';' when the regional settings gets changed from decimal to comma.
Please suggest.

I’m pretty sure that all of the XML reading and writing that GoXam does is locale-independent. (See the XHelper class.) Furthermore, when GoXam reads and writes Point values as strings for XML, it always uses a space as the separator. Since the DiagramPanel.Position is not something that GoXam would normally read and write, that must be something that you have added? If so, how?

Or are you not using the XML serialization that GoXam models offer? If so, we would not know how to help you.

I am not sure about XML serialization. I am using the below code for getting panel position

this.DiagramInfo.DiagramPanelPose = this.Panel.Position.ToString();

Before changing the decimal notation i am getting value in

this.DiagramInfo.DiagramPanelPose = 10,10

But after replacing my decimal notation to “,” i am getting value like 10;10 . I wonder from where this “;” is coming from.

Don’t the ToString() method’s results often depend on the current culture?

Use the XHelper methods instead. Or use the XmlConvert methods in your own manner.