Changing Diagram 's scale

Hi ,

Like the title i want to change the diagram 's scale like zooming . I want to zoom to a specific amount like 25%, 150%, 200%, etc. I tried changing diagram.scale but it didn’t work. any suggest ?



You can override CommandHandler.increaseZoom and decreaseZoom to set Diagram.scale to only particular values, such as 0.25, 1.50, 2.00, etc.

For reference, this is how it is defined:

CommandHandler.prototype.increaseZoom = function(factor) { if (factor === undefined/*notpresent*/) factor = this.zoomFactor; Util.checkRealNumber(factor, CommandHandler, 'increaseZoom:factor'); var diagram = this.diagram; if (diagram === null) return; if (diagram.autoScale !== Diagram.None) return; var newscale = diagram.scale * factor; if (newscale < diagram.minScale || newscale > diagram.maxScale) return; diagram.scale = newscale; };