Changing GoSubGraph height manually

Hi Guys,

After doing automatic layout for my diagram, i need to make adjustments to some inner GoSubGraphs within the diagram so i try to change their Top position and Height. Top position is changed OK but the height remains the same. Is it possible to enforce a specific height for a GoSubGraph object or it allways calculates according to its childs position and size?
My target is to make 2 subGraphs the same height no matter what is their content (see attached picture)
i want to make "sequence2" subgraph the same as "sequence1" - changing the height property doesn't work/
What can i do?

try setting BottomRightMargin of Sequence2 to add the difference.

Thanks, But its not good enough. I need to dock the little red circle to the bottom. changing the margin takes it away from the bottom and it looks bad.
I wonder: if its not possible to manually change the subGraph height why there is a setter for this property?
Is there another way for doing this?


SubGraphs, by default, will set the borders to the area required by the objects plus the margin. Setting the height is a no-op.

Sounds like you need to give yourself a way to set the position of the little red node.

Another way to look at is that when you try to set the GoSubGraph.Height, what is it supposed to do with the nodes and links inside the subgraph?

One reasonable interpretation would be to rescale each of the nodes so that everything fits.

Another reasonable interpretation would be to separate or compress the space between nodes, overlapping if necessary.

Jake just mentioned another one – just moving the little red node down.

I bet you can come up with other policies too.

But the actual policy is implemented by GoSubGraph.LayoutChildren (and the GoSubGraph methods that it calls), and by your overrides. So perhaps you want to override LayoutChildren to call the base method and then equalize the heights of each of the GoSubGraph children. That’s assuming you’re not going to change the height of the whole (containing) GoSubGraph for which that call to LayoutChildren is responsible.

As usual your help is very useful. i simply changed the bottom red node position and everything works fine.

thanks a lot!
BTW: we recently completed a purchase order for the pro+subscription edition and i belive soon we are going to get the licensed product. can you estimate when version 3.0 is released to market?