Changing position of item in JGoPalette

I have a JGoPalette with several items. Im trying to have the items slide up once one of the nodes is selected. So that there is no large spacing between the left over items. I have tried the following

JGoDocument paletteDocument = jGoPalette_WorkFlow.getDocument();


int containerSize = nodeContainer.size();

for(int i = 0; i < containerSize; i++)


paletteDocument.addObjectAtTai l((WorkflowStateNode)nodeContainer.get(i));


However it does not work. Is there an easy solution to this?

So selecting an item should cause it to move? That might be disconcerting to the user, although I suppose you could call JGoView.scrollRectToVisible to make sure the selected item is still visible.
I guess I would just re-order the selected item by calling JGoDocument.addObjectAtHead(item) and then call JGoPalette.layoutItems().