Character Set in JGoText (i18n)


We have been using JGo successfully for years, but we are running into problems as we move to support a wider range of applications. Is there a way to change the character set for JGoText?


JGoText l = n.getLabel();
l.setText(“プロパティ”);//japanese characters in utf8, if the forum software mangles it

log.error("Label text is: " + l.getText());//correctly outputs japanese characters

However, in the swing app itself, we see only the boxes indicating an incorrect character set.

How can we make JGoText aware of these characters? Without that, we cannot use them in our internationalized applications.

Thank you


Answering my own question…somewhere else in the application a default Font was being used that does not support japanese characters. When a different font (or no font is used), the characters are output correctly.


We were at DEC in the 80s when “i18n” was introduced into the vocabulary. I didn’t realize it had gotten outside the walls.