Click Drop from Palette?


Warning: Extreme newbie here. Hopefully this question hasn’t been asked, and I’ve just missed the post - if so, I apologize in advance.
I would like to add a “click drop” functionality that would essentially work the same as a “drag drop” from a palette to the View. I can capture the selected “clicked” object in my palette using “palette ObjectSingleClicked”, where I’ve been trying to Copy it to my View’s clipboard using view.CopyToClipboard. Then on a “View BackgroundSingleClicked” event, I’m attempting to paste, using view.PasteFromClipboard(). This isn’t working.
Does anyone have any other ideas?
Is this functionality already built in and I just don’t have it turned on?
Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!


Actually, the IconicApp sample does this already. It isn’t standard behavior, but as that sample shows, it’s pretty easy to implement.
The interesting behavior is defined by:
private void goView1_BackgroundSingleClicked(object sender, Northwoods.Go.GoInputEventArgs e) {
GoObject obj = goPalette1.Selection.Primary;
if (obj != null) {
goView1.Document.AddCopy(obj, e.DocPoint);

There isn’t any event handler defined on the GoPalette control.