Click on node with a lot of links

If I have a node with a whole bunch of links coming into it, it is hard to select the node itself. My node have a single port in the middle of the node. I realize I could create multiple ports around the outside of the node but I don’t want to go through that right now. Is there an easy way to pull the nodes to the front or change the gravity of the routes so that the users can easily select them?

I assume that the size of the node is small, and that part of its area is occupied by the port, so that you can’t click on it without (perhaps) starting to draw a new link.

Are your links in the same layer as your nodes, or in a layer in front of the nodes? Maybe you would prefer to have all your links in a layer behind your nodes, so that the nodes are never occluded by links.

No the node is not “small”. When I click on the node though it selects the links instead.

Yes the links and nodes are in the same layer but I am using the layer for grouping.

Is the port that is in the middle of the node small, so there is plenty of room around it for the user to click on the rest of the node?

Yes, if there are no links coming in then the user has no problem clicking on the node. The nodes are 24X24 icons and include the text label. It isn’t the node per se except that it is in the middle of the node. The issue is that it selects the links coming into the node instead of the node when it is clicked on.

And the links connect at the outside edge(s) of the node?

That's odd. What kind of links are these? Does it matter if the links are coming in or going out at an angle instead of horizontally or vertically? Can you post a screenshot?

Yes, the links appear to come just to the edge of the node. I tried putting an image in the post but it wouldn’t let me. Not enough privileges.

Are they Bezier (cubic) links? If so, how are they curved? Can you describe the links?

Can you reproduce the problem with Demo1 or one of the other sample applications?
How large was the image you tried to upload? What kind of image was it? You do have permission to upload images. What was the error message?

Yes, they are Bezier links and they are curved. (curvey = 10 for default) I can reproduce this in the basic app demo. If I create a bunch of nodes and connect them all to the same node, clicking in the node selects the link. Since my text is below the node in a label I can’t select the node. If I have one with a long label and I select the text it does select the node just like the basic app. Here is a shot of my app.

Are you using version 5.21? The next release will have an improved implementation of JGoStroke when it is cubic/Bezier.

Try this:

Unfortunately we are still on 5.03. It is in the next product cycle to upgrade to the latest version. I did figure out if I switch the lines to straight then I can click on the node so I have a work around for them for now.