Collapse/Expand IGOCollapsable

I have implemented Collapse Expand using the IGoCollapsable Interface and used the dataset.
I need to find node (node id) on which user is clicked or Expand.
To more clear click on + sing to expand the child.
Myobjective is :
On the click that node i have to create child nodes from the rows retrived from the database.
So how do i find node and the associated ID on expand click event.
Please help !

Thanks in advance

OK, let’s be clear on what the situation is.

You have a node class that you wanted to extend by adding collapse-expand functionality. So you:
(1) had the node class implement the IGoCollapsible interface and
(2) you added a GoCollapsibleHandle to the node.

The first step means implementing the Collapse and Expand methods as well as the Collapsible and IsExpanded properties. The Expand method is where you check to see if you need to retrieve rows from the database and create the corresponding nodes and links (you might have done this before already), and position them and make them visible if they had been invisible before. The Collapse method is where you either make those child nodes and their connecting links invisible or you delete them.

The second step is trivial: in your node constructor, just create and initialize a GoCollapsibleHandle, position it the way you want relative to the other children of your node, and Add it to the node. You might need to override LayoutChildren to do this work if it needs to be done repeatedly because you change the contents of your node dynamically.

The TreeApp sample demonstrates all of this, and more.