Comments? Reference API formatting changes

We’ve been working on some changes to the way the API documentation is formatted, and
we’d like to get some feedback.


new 1:
new 2:

(the links to Intro pages and Samples won’t work in the new pages)

both new links feature this set of changes:

  • 2 column tables (returns, name/desc) are now 3 column (returns, name, desc)
  • separate summary and details tables are now just a single table with an option to show summaries or details. (click the show... button)
  • "boxes" with links to samples or Intro documentation have a little icon.
  • clicking on a link to a detail (e.g. GraphObject.html#contextMenu) will highlight the contextMenu item.
the difference between "new 1" and "new 2" is color of links. There are two camps on use of color here at Northwoods.

The “new 1” camp argues that the barely visible link color from wikipedia is an awesome choice.

The “new 2” camp thinks… what the heck, we’ve had color displays since 1982, maybe we should
use some color:
red - for links to samples and intro pages
blue - for links to classes
orange - for links to class methods
green - for links to class properties

Note that there hasn’t been a lot of thought given to the particular colors used… maximizing
the difference for demo purposes was the goal.