Common context menu for two diagram models

I have a scenario where a detailed view of a single node(which is in the mainDiagramDiv) appears on another draggable diagram div. But I am facing issues in bringing up the context menu for the new draggable diagram div. It seems that the context menu of the main diagram div didnt get assigned to the new diagram div that i have created.

Hence can you please find us a way to have a common context element for both the diagram models?

My guess is that the context menu isn’t a GoJS Adornment, because that would have just worked. So it’s implemented as an HTML element?

If so, is that HTML element associated with the mainDiagramDiv and can’t be used with your second diagram Div? You’ll either need to make it so that it can work with either diagram Div, or else you’ll need to have a different context menu HTMLInfo in the second diagram.

Yea! I have implemented it as an HTML element… So I guess I have to create a seperate HTMLInfo element for my new diagram div… Thank You for the fast response!