Composite Web Server Control


For my Application I want to create a composite Web Server Control(dll) with a table, GoOverview and A GoView controls. I want to set most of the properties with my own property windows, so that some other developer in my team can use the control by modifying only minimal properties.
I will Overide all the Events and Properties wherever required. Also the Designer as I kind of feel that GoWeb has some limitations in the designer (look and feel during design time).
I was wondering if this is possible at all, and if yes
do you have some documentation of composite controls using GoWebControls?
Also If you have tried to do this and tested it before, please share your learnings.
Don Almeida


I don’t have any experience with that, but I believe that should work. Each such user will need a GoWeb development license, but we do offer volume discounts.


Thanks Walter,
I will try and work on this and also give you an update so that we can share the code with others (if someone asks for it),
license is not a problem, as far as it works as desired.
Thanks again.
Don Almeida