Concept MAP , save state


I am using concept map to make one of my diagram.
Problem - this is always rearranging it self on page reload. How can I save its state (x and y positions, and zoom levels) ? so that I can reopen this diagram and it will open me the same I was working before


Declare a Binding of Node.location to some new “location” property on your node data object. Make it a TwoWay Binding if you want save any changes that might happen while editing. Lots of samples and many examples in the Introduction do this.

Once you have locations stored for each node, you will not need to set the Diagram.layout.


Thanks for your reply
I am new on this site,
Can you please post me link where I can see the example, that will be very helpful to me.

Regards talks about both Node.location and TwoWay binding.

Search the web site sources. You will find examples such as

Unfortunately, Loc : not working in Concept Map

I can paste my code if you want that

Is the model saved on your server? Otherwise reloading the page might be loading the old model from the server.