Controlling ReparentAllLinksToSubGraph

Hi Guys,

I'm using GoSubGraphBase.ReparentAllLinksToSubGraphs method in my application. However there are certain links that i don't want them to be reparented. Is it possible to control this method?
ReparentAllLinksToSubGraphs takes a collection.
The API ref says "Make sure each link, either directly in the given collection, or connected to the nodes in the given collection, belong to the appropriate GoSubGraphBase."
So, you can control it by not passing in links in the collection, given those links aren't connected to nodes you are including.

The problem is that these links may be connected to nodes that are included in the collection. I found a work-around. i simply don’t use this method anymore but instead do it manually with reparentToCommonSubGraph. I think it will be a good feature to let users hook to this function and change the final decision.