Copy/paste not working properly

I am unable to copy/paste in my application called GPM, Graphic
Process Modeler. This application implements JGo.jar and JGoLayout.jar
files. The is identified when we upgraded to JDK 1.5 where it used to work
fine for JDK1.4. I cannot say for sure, if the the problems lies in my
application, or with the JDK incompatibilty in some places when we had
upgraded to JDK 1.5.

I can copy/paste simple straight processes which doesn’t involve any loops or choices, but when the choices are present, then i cannot copy paste anything all.


We hadn’t noticed any copy-paste incompatibilities when we upgraded from 1.4 to 5.0 to 6.0.

Usually a copy-paste failure is the result of some serialization problem.
Perhaps you now inadvertently reference some non-serializable data from your JGoDocument or your JGoObjects.

You can test this by explicitly serializing and deserializing your document to see if you get any exceptions. Demo1 does this, for example.

We have been using the earlier version of Jgo for our application, and JDK 1.4 was required.

Now we have upgraded application, which requires JDK 1.5 and which uses some other version of Jgo( I donno how to find that out). But our application has the same source code( not very precisely).

Now for our current application I encountered this copy/paste problem, which was not there before. Do you still suggest its related to the serialization of the objects.


Off hand, I can’t think of any other reason.