Create bitMap issue

When I use the GetBitmapFromCollection(Document) using the Document as the first and only parameter, I get a bitmap image which contains all my nodes displayed in the Document. Though when I use the same interface call passing (Document, rect, true/false), depending on the rect size (and the size of the Document), I may or may not get all of the noides within the size of the rect.
Is there anyway to define a resize/scaling option to include ALL of the Document in the bitmap depending on the size of the rect that I specify? I suppose this may have to happen before I call the GetBitmapFromCollection() - have played around with a few things but haven’t put my finger on what needs to happen…
- John -

Yes, GoView.GetBitmapFromCollection intentionally ignores the view’s DocPosition and DocScale properties. It does observe all the other properties which affect the rendering, such as paper color, smoothing mode, shadows, et al.
You can either implement the functionality yourself, or you can rescale the resulting image to the size you want.