Create link with specific # of points

I was wondering if there was an easy way to create links with a default
set of points from the start i.e. creating a link with 4 points from
the start?

Do you mean programmatically? Sure, a JGoLink is just a JGoStroke, so you can specify any and/or all of the points in that stroke when you initialize the link. But you should do so after setting the FromPort and ToPort, and after those ports may have moved, since those operations will result in calls to JGoLink.calculateStroke(), which will adjust or completely recalculate the points of the stroke.
Perhaps more generally you can override calculateStroke() to specify the routing you would prefer. Or you could override one of the methods that calculateStroke calls.

In your Processor example your FlowLink constructor produces a link
with 4 points from the start. I wish to do the same however I cant seem
to reproduce the same effect. I have a class which extends
JGoLabeledLink like FlowLink however in the constructor it creates a
link with two points only. Im trying to reproduce the same effect that
you have with the movable labels that are attached to the links however
whenever there are two or three points the labels do not respond
correctly. I have reproduced the same effect in your FlowLink
constructor when I remove two points. In my class which extends JGoLabeledLink if I create the object through main i.e.

public static void main(String args[])
MyLink l = new MyLink(new JGoPort(),new JGoPort());
System.out.println(" NUM POINTS " + l.getNumPoints());

public TransitionLink(JGoPort arg0, JGoPort arg1)
super(arg0, arg1);

It creates a link with four points, however if for example I call
MyLink l = new MyLink(new JGoPort(),new JGoPort());
from some other class I get a link with only two points. What would
produce such a result?

Thank you for your time