Create port during link interaction

Is it possible to create a dynimical port on the drop position, if the user drops the link on a shape, while LinkTool is activated
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You can do it by creating a custom LinkTool.

Or... look at the "magic" node in Demo1 (a small doc icon with a star in the middle). In the Demo1 code, look for AutoLinkNode.
This node will create a new "in" port if you connect to the star, or a new "out" port if you start a link on the star.
We used this approach in our Sanscript dataflow language, and it works quite well. It has the advantage of having a visual clue and also "port gravity" works.
Or, if you want help with the LinkTool, let us know...

I think i have to create a new LinkTool. I want to implement the following behavior. I have a shape, if i enter the shape with the mouse cursor the shape should highlight the nearest bound (thats the bound where the the port for the link should created). On moving the mouse cursor on the shape i will highlight the nearest bound of current cursor positon again. When the user clicks, i want to create a port at the nearest bound and start link drawing.
Can you help me to implement such a behavior.

Kind regards Michi

Do you need explicit connection points, that stay “fixed” to one side after they are created?

Or does something like this meet your needs:
This is a GoBoxPort with LinkPointsSpread = true. It spreads the links connected to one side out along that side. It will also drag the connection point for the link "around" the node as the connected node moves (as you can see in the pic above where the rightmost star moves from below to the right side).
If this meets your needs, it's easier to do than what you are asking for.

Thanks for answering. But i need ports which stay “fiexed” on the side after they are created. Is it possible to create such a behavior (like described above) and how?
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