CreateShape vs. CreateDrawable

When I was using C#, I override GoBasicNode.CreateShape() to change thes shape of my GoBasicNode.
I’m now switching to Java
When I tried overriding CreateDrawable(), it’s not working. And when I placed a break point inside it, the debugger didn’t break at it. i.e. it’s not invoked.

Maybe the problem is the name of the method. Following Java naming conventions, the first letter “c” is not capitalized. And javac doesn’t produce a warning as csc does, because there’s no “override” keyword.

in the code we use camel casing, and we actually used the eclipse IDE to override the method

Did you call the constructor with the string argument?
The default constructor produces a node with no port or drawable shape or label. (Yet another subtle difference between JGo for Java and GoDiagram for .NET; although the initialization some GoDiagram nodes do in the constructor isn’t the best style by traditional measures, it sure is handy.)