Creating Groups

Hi Walter,

I think I’ve got it.

A change in my node (for ex. SubgraphKey) has to be synchronized with Model Node Source via DoGroupNodeCHanged.
Then if I process my list in the right order (from higher group to deeper group) everything look fine.
Do you agree, the sorting process. If so can you tell me/confirm that you use an intern sorting algorithm to process internally your Node list?

For the moment I’ve done it only for Node, but I think that I’ve to apply same process for Links, when for example from or to are modified.

Yes, GraphLinksModel was implemented so that the order in which the data is provided does not matter. (Same goes for the other model classes.)
Or are you asking a different question?

Hi Walter,

Is there a way to (re)calculate a link route when “from” or “to” node is outside the view port.
Position of the missing node is known.
I would like to avoid adding each missing nodes to the diagram.
Reason is that it’s possible to have a node connected to 1000+ other nodes.
Adding all missing nodes takes time and resources, and affect performances.

Thanks a lot, and enjoy your week-end.

So you are implementing virtualization. OK, I suppose you could:

  • just set the Link.Route’s Route.Points
  • override Route.ComputePoints to handle routing to a missing Node the way that you want
  • maybe some other choices, depending on the requirements

Problem solved

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