Creating several buttons on Inspector that shows details on clicking it

I am creating nested data in the Nodes and I want to create a basic inspector that shows the main categories of the data as buttons and then when the user clicks on one of the buttons, shows more details that the user can change. One example is this Binding data sub-properties
But I want the details to be actually a button that will show the properties in the details variable in another inspector. I want to show a button and then add a button click function to the ‘details’ button that will open the 2nd inspector. I will have a bunch of variables like details - a series of buttons on the first inspector and it will show the detailed properties within those variables in the 2nd inspector. What changes do I need to make to the inspector.js to get this done?


If I understand you correctly, you just want to implement some HTML that shows a list of buttons, one for each user-visible property. Clicking on such a button would show a Data Inspector for an object corresponding to that property. Is that correct? In that case I would just implement that myself exactly as you describe. It’s all just HTML/CSS/JavaScript and doesn’t really involve GoJS at all, other than some diagram event causing your code to be triggered.