Creating unresizable JGoLink


I need to create a JGoLink that’s not resizable. Even though I set the resizable link property to false I can interactively resize it. Note please that the link is not part of a JGoArea. Thanks in advance for your help.


If I just set the Resizable property of a JGoLink in Demo1 to be false, I find that I can’t resize (move) any point of the link. In fact a bounding handle is shown for the whole link, rather than individual resize handles at each point.
So I can’t reproduce your problem.
By the way, if you don’t like the bounding handle for links when the link is not Resizable, you might want to override gainedSelection to make the link highlit by setting the Highlight pen, and by overriding lostSelection to replace the Highlight pen with null. If you do this, you’ll want to temporarily set SuspendUpdates while calling setHighlight(), so that those changes aren’t recorded for undo/redo.