Cursor not changing

When I invoke
JGoView.setDefaultCursor(Cursor.getPredefinedCursor(Cursor.W AIT_CURSOR));
the cursor does not change until the mouse is moved. I know
for sure that this code is getting called, but until mouse move
the cursor does not change.
Changing cursor from busy to default is also behaving the same way.
Please advise.

(I moved this topic from the GoDiagram forum to the JGo one.)
I think you need to call JGoView.setCursor, probably in addition to calling setDefaultCursor.
JGoView.doUncapturedMouseMove, besides trying to pick a JGoObject and calling its JGoObject.doUncapturedMouseMove method and bubbling up its Parent chain, also does:
That’s why you don’t see the new cursor until the mouse is moved.

You mean this:
JGoView.setDefaultCursor(Cursor.getPredefinedCursor(Cursor.W AIT_CURSOR));

I have a trouble while changing cursor too.
I try to change a cursor from default type to MOVE_CURSOR (or some other, it doesn’t metter now) when the mouse is down, calling


in a class, which extands JGoView, in overridden method com.nwoods.jgo.JGoView#doMouseDown(int, java.awt.Point, java.awt.Point)

after calling that method the coursor doesn’t change, but when I call


before and after calling setCursor, I see, that type of it is changed, but the cursor still looks like default.
Suggest me, please, how can I fix this problem?

Your problem may be that setCursor is getting called again by JGo after you call setCursor. Try calling setDefaultCursor in addtion to setCursor, which should modify the cursor used by JGo.