Custom FromSpots for Links

Can text in a TextBlock be used as FromSpot for a Link?

Either by setting ports to specific locations inside the node.

Or by creating a group with nodes set to specific positions in the group.

In both these approaches, the challenge is to somehow get text position inside the node/group text block.

Is it possible to get text position and if so, are these the only approaches or does GoJS provide a cleaner way to achieving this.

Is the text all one TextBlock? I’ll assume it is.

The main problem is finding the location of some text within the TextBlock. This is probably possible. It will take a while for us to create a sample for you.

Hey thanks for getting back so quickly!

The text should maintain the appearance of a continuous block but the problem is as you have stated it. Hopefully there is a way!

Try this sample: Words as Ports
Note that I’ve made some assumptions.

This produces:

This is absolutely amazing Walter! Let me try this out and get back to you.