Custom HTML in nodes

Hello guys

Just wondering, given that GoJs is implemented on top of canvas, is there any way to have something like custom HTML in a node? Say I want a slider, or a combo box within a node, is there a way of doing that?
I figured it would theoretically be possible to track the movement and bounds of the node and absolutely position the HTML so that it always appears to be within the node, but that feels dirty.

If you know of a better way to do this, I’d appreciate any pointers.

What you describe is the only option if you need real HTML inside your diagram. That is what we do for the in-place text editor. Some day we intend to provide more built-in options for editing text.

But as you seem to realize, there are a lot of downsides to using this approach, including not being able to maintain Z-order nor the ability to generate images/print. There are probably focus issues too. I recommend that you implement your own “slider” in pure GoJS.