Custom typed palette

I need some customized palette for my application.

I know gosilverlight already has expander group template.

Because there is not enough sample for expander group template, it’s hard to understand how to use it.

I wanna make user custom typed palettes using expander, tree, accordian and etc.

But it should be a little special type, for example, in Tree type case, I need to enable dragging to leaf trees that have no children only. Parents classes are just working as categories(headers).

Could I get some sample for this?

Thank you,

Yang Ho.

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking for.

Did you want a sample that demonstrates how to implement drag-and-drop in Silverlight from a TreeView to a Diagram?

And you are not asking about how to customize a GoXam Palette, right? The main thing for this case is that you can use different templates than you do in the target Diagram.