Customizing GoText


I am trying to implement shortcut label by customizing GoText class
setting color blue/underlined etc. But I am having problems in setting mouse cursor to hand symbol when user hovers over label and reset it back to default once he is out. It should behave like as shortcut texts
that are in Northwoods webisite like GO Graphical Object Libraries .
Iam tried using OnEnterLeave/OnMouseOver, setting cursor to Hand, it is not getting set properly and continuosly gets reset to default.
Could you please help to resolve this?
Thanks and regards,

[Serializable] public class LinkText : GoText { public LinkText() { this.Selectable = false; this.TextColor = Color.Blue; this.Underline = true; } public override String GetCursorName(GoView view) { return "hand"; } public override bool OnSingleClick(GoInputEventArgs evt, GoView view) { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("iexplore.exe", "\"" + this.Text + "\""); return true; } }

example usage:

GoTextNode tn = new GoTextNode(); tn.Label = new LinkText(); tn.Text = ""; goView1.Document.Add(tn);