Customizing orthogonal links

I have a workflow where user places connectable elements and connects them
from left to right (horizontal flow) and top to bottom (vertical flow).
I would like to customize orthogonal links to always have vertical mid ortho segment
in first case (which can resizable to left and right) and horizontal mid ortho segment
in second case (which can be resizable to top and bottom).
Currently what I am observing is, if I start moving node at the one of the end point of link,
at some point a vertical mid ortho segment is getting converted to horizontal segment automatically.
I would like to block this behaviour and would like to retain vertical mid ortho segment.

Could you help us to customize this?


screenshots please.


I have sent screenshots to [...]
Could you please

have a look at it.


Thanks, that helped.

You want to set the link.AdjustingStyle to be GoLinkAdjustingStyle.End.

This only works when AvoidsNodes is off.