DataSource support

Are there any methods within GoDiagram to automatically set a common .NET data structure to a GoDiagram object and boom it lays out the diagram in a real basic manner, without having to write so much code? For example, alot of .net objects have this built in, like datagrid, and combobox, etc, etc. You can just set the datasource property of the object, and the data is filled into the control automatically. I assume you don’t have this, but I wanted to check before I went ahead and developed code to do this. Anyway, if it does work this way, let me know, if not, maybe consider this for the future? (maybe even take in a xml object, or a “Table” or “DataSet”) Thanks!!

Could you describe the format of such a “table” and how it would map into a diagram?
We considered this and did not find a satisfactory solution. We intend to devote some effort to this in the future and didn’t want to introduce a half-baked solution.
As an intermediate step, GoXml can help simplify the coding a lot, at least for moderately complex mappings. GoXml is in beta now, as part of version 2.2.2; in the next release it will be even better.

Have you already upgraded this sort of feature in GoDiagram, maybe biding a DataSet on GoDocument class such as we have in Datagrid of .Net?

Scott has an example application that might do something like what you want. I have asked him to comment here.

I have just uploaded the DataSetMappingDemo sample application to:
This sample application allows you to open any Microsoft Access database (.mdb) and interactively specify the mapping between database tables and GoDiagram nodes and links.
The DataSetMapper classes demonstrated by this sample allow you to easily create your own diagram froms any database (Access, SQL, ODBC). Use the Help menu on the sample application for a reference guide to the DataSetMapper classes.