Dealing with larg number of nodes and lin

WE have an application with about 1300 nodes and 5000 links.
It takes long time to load and to AutoLayout such a gib diagram.
Are there any ideas on things we might want to look into in order to make it more efficiant?
Is there anything we can do in order to make it run better on a dual processor machine?

We had a problem of auto layout performances (800 nodes, 1200 links, it took several minutes). We switched to writing a DOT file, invoking dot.exe (a free program that can be found on ) on this file, parsing the result and setting positions back into GoDiagram.

The whole process took less than 2s. It could have been optimised further by linking to graphviz libs instead of working with the filesystem, but we did not deem it required for our application.

Hope this may help.

Any idea, walter?

I assume you are talking about the layered-digraph algorithm. We know that we need to provide a new, faster algorithm. We just haven’t gotten to it yet.
In version 2.5 it is faster, but not enough for your purposes. 2.5 also has a new tree layout algorithm, which is quite fast. If your graph is tree-structured, or nearly so, perhaps you could use that. GoLayoutTree also has a bunch of options that are specific for trees that don’t apply to directed graphs.