On this.

The text for the node comes to the left of the Tirangle, I want it to be put on the Right and Above the Triangle ..
Any Idea how i can do it OR what properties to change please, I am very new to this tool have hardly used it ...
i want the #1 on top or on right of that Triangle ...
private void InitialiseGoText(GoText t) { if (t == null) return;

t.Alignment = GoObject.TopRight;

t.Selectable = false;
t.Deletable = false;
t.Editable = false;
t.FontSize = 8;
t.AutoRescales = false;
//t.AutoResizes = false;
t.AutoResizes = true;

t.Clipping = true;
t.Width = 5;
t.StringTrimming = StringTrimming.EllipsisCharacter;
t.TextColor = Color.Red;

Any idea people Thanks.

DecisionNode isn’t one of our built-ins or sample nodes.

It’s not clear to me if your screenshot is 1 node with the “fork” being part of the graphic design of the node, or 3 nodes with links between the one on the left and the 2 on the right…

Labels are typically positioned within a node in a method called LayoutChildren.