Default touch context menu

Is there a way to customize the default context menu that we get on touch devices (e.g., iPad)?

  • Add additional options?
  • Remove unsupported options (we currently don't support copy/cut/paste)?
  • Style the special default context menu?
Also, is there a way to make the special default context menu show up on non-touch devices (e.g., desktop) for consistent behavior between desktop and touch?

I already figure out how to disable the default context menu using the Extensions example.

Just trying to explore my options as to what I can and can’t do…

Figured out that by setting diagram.allowCopy = false, the copy/cut/paste actions no longer show up in the default context menu.

You can define the context menu yourself, as the Custom Context Menu sample demonstrates:

And I’m glad to see that you found out that each of the default context menu buttons is only visible when its command is enabled, according to diagram.commandHandler.canXYZ().