Definite Bug in Go 2.2.0 -> Demo1

Playing around with the settings of the view (Property Grid -> view) I’ve noticed a strange thing:

after setting the SmoothingMode and TextRenderingHint to different values several times there is a red cross drawn across the view. Resetting the view to its original properties will not resolve this problem.

this happens on WinXP SP1, 512 MB Ram. P IV 2,6 GHz

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

As you might expect, we haven’t at Northwoods.
What objects are showing at the time? What GoView properties did you set?
I suppose if you set GoView.GridStyle to GoViewGridStyle.Cross and GoView.GridColor to Color.Red, you’d get a red cross in your view. But unless the view is really small, it wouldn’t go all the way across the view. You’d recognize it as the grid anyway.
I’m guessing that this is a video driver bug. Try it on a different kind of machine and see if you can reproduce the problem.