Delay in updating layout


We noticed a delay in updating the diagram control layout when we’re resizing the diagram.
Here’s the scenario:

  • Our diagram control content alignment is set to Center.
  • It has only a couple of nodes.
  • We noticed a delay in repositioning the nodes whenever the diagram is resized.
  • We also noticed the rendering of the gridlines has a delay when diagram is resized.

What would be the right way to minimize or remove the delay? Note the screenshots below. Between picture 1 and picture 2, there’s a notice-able delay. Picture 2 is the diagram after it’s resized.


I’m not sure exactly what you are referring to, but I believe the first delay is due to the scrolling/panning/zooming animation. You can change the animation time by setting the DiagramPanel.ZoomTime. Maybe you want to do:

myDiagram.TemplateApplied += (s, e) => { myDiagram.Panel.ZoomTime = 0; }

Or you could do it in XAML by customizing the Diagram.Template.

Regarding the other delay: are you using WPF?
If so, yes, there is a delay in the re-rendering of the background grid if the grid is “big enough”.
At this time there is no way to customize that delay.