Delete a node from keyboard

Hi , We are trying to delete a node from diagram using delete key . When the node is clicked once and delete is attempted nothing happens on the canvas . However when node is double clicked and delete is attempted it is carried out successfully . Is there any configuration available to enable delete node on single click . Or is this expected behavior from go js . Looking forward for suggestions or clarifications here . Thanks in advance

Commands, such as the delete command, operate on the Diagram.selection collection of Parts.

When the user clicks once on a node, does the node become selected? Usually a selection Adornment is shown for each selected Node. Or you can check whether Part.isSelected is true for that Node that the user clicked.

yes , the node is getting selected but delete cannot be perfomed without another click

That sounds very odd. Have you customized any behaviors involving keyboard event handling or selection change or overriding CommandHandler methods? Maybe focus is leaving the diagram on the first click.

If you open Minimal | GoJS, click once on a node, and then click the Delete key, is the node removed?

Yes , When I open Minimal | GoJS , click on a node once and delete , the node is getting removed . As far as I am aware we are not doing any customisations in the keyboard event handling or CommandHandler methods

But have you checked the other possibility?