Delete objects

Hi Support!

I created a principal GoGroup with others Internal GoGroups objects into principal GoGroup, and inside internal, exists for example GoGrid, GoText…

And just principal GoGroup has : this.Selectable = true and this.Deletable= true

And I would like to know if there is a event to get when user delete my internal GoGroup, … User will click in delete key to delete GoGroup object… and principal GoGroup should change size. See my Image:

GoGroup.Remove (where Pool is the GoGroup) will be called, as will your Pool.LayoutChildren override.

And the Document Changed with hint GoLayer.ChangedObject and subhint GoGroup.RemovedObject event will be raised too.


Hi devfzf ! Is there any chance you can post the code for this structure if you still have it ?

Sorry, We don´t use more this code. We don´t have more it.

I see… Thanks anyways for your reply!