Deployment of .Net application using GoDiagram


I'd like to verify the process of building and deploying applications using GoDiagrams.
Based on what I see in GoWinIntro.doc the steps are:
(1) get license keys and license GoDiagrams on development PC
(2) ensure the application has Licenses.licx file included into the application (C# .Net)
(3) ensure that the license file has entries for GoDiagram libraries
(4) build the application, run it on the development PC, ensure that evaluation tag is not displayed over DiagramView
(5) create installation for the application including Northwoods DLLs used by the application. The DLLs just have to be copied along with the application.
(6) deploy on PC without previous installation of GoDiagrams, test.
Is that all, or am I missing something?
Our application uses Northwoods.Go.DLL and Northwoods.Go.Xml.Dll, so our license.licx file has only this line:
"Northwoods.Go.GoView, Northwoods.Go, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a4e3b7b70161cfe8" - I understand Northwoods.Go.Xml.Dll is not protected by license and should not have entry in the file?
We successfuly build our application on a PC with Northwoods GoDiagrams license installed - do we have to use Northwoods DLLs from this PC for the deployment? Or they are the same as DLLs from evaluation installed on another PC?
Many thanks

All sounds right. The DLLs don’t change… but we do recommend you ship the ones you build with simply to avoid version issues. The evaluation kit doesn’t put anything in the GAC, so an application being installed won’t see the DLLs from the eval kit.

Jake, thank you for your reply!

I just got more detailed explanation of what happens on target PC where we deploy our application using GoDiagrams.
I did not mention earlier that our use of GoDiagrams is concentrated in UserControls (ie DLLs), and executable does not use GoDiagram directly.
As I understand from the error message we receive on deployment PC - the caption reads "GoView License Check" - we have to include license.licx file into our exe, not into our components.
We will try that