Designing nodes and groups

Thanks @walter its coming now and also i am having 3 more issues

  1. nodes which are not having any links should be left. in above image its right
  2. links should start from name of node right now its coming from table which i kept as node template
  3. graph expander button should be right
  1. Set portId: "" on the TextBlock.
  2. That depends on the Group template. I don’t know what you have now.

i kept “Auto”

??? Please elaborate. I cannot read your mind.

Sorry in group template we defined panel as table.
below is reference

go.Panel, “Table”,

        { margin: 0.5 },  // avoid overlapping border with table contents

        this.myGoMaker(go.RowColumnDefinition, { row: 0, background: "lightgray" }),  // header is white

        this.myGoMaker("SubGraphExpanderButton", { alignment: go.Spot.Right, row: 0, column: 0, margin: 3, "ButtonIcon.stroke": "blue", "ButtonBorder.opacity": 0.0 }),

        this.myGoMaker(go.TextBlock,  // title is centered in header


              row: 0, column: 1, font: "bold 14px Sans-Serif", stretch: go.GraphObject.Horizontal


           new go.Binding("text", "name")

I’m not sure because I can’t see the rest of the template, but my guess is that you should stretch the panel that is in the top row.

Group, "Auto"
    Shape  // the border
    Panel, "Table"
        Panel, "Table", row: 0, stretch: Horizontal  // the header
            "SubGraphExpanderButton", alignment: Right
        Placeholder, row: 1

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