Detaching the textblock for dragging purposes

Hi ,

Im trying to respond to an event , in which the user presses control and left mouse click
on a textblock which is a part of link template .
My main goal is to enable this textblock to be dragged while selecting it with the ctrl key and left mouse.
i've been able to use the domousemove() in DraggingTool to respond to other textblock dragging
but i just dont get to the function if the textblock is a part of the linktemplate .
consider your own sample aka "link demo" as the textblock i need to move away from the connected link :

<go:Route Curve="{Binding Path=Data.Curve}"
Routing="{Binding Path=Data.Routing}"
Curviness="{Binding Path=Data.Curviness}"
Corner="{Binding Path=Data.Corner}"
Smoothness="{Binding Path=Data.Smoothness}"
ToEndSegmentLength="{Binding Path=Data.ToEndSegmentLength}"
FromEndSegmentLength="{Binding Path=Data.FromEndSegmentLength}"
ToShortLength="{Binding Path=Data.ToShortLength}"
FromShortLength="{Binding Path=Data.FromShortLength}" />

<go:LinkShape x:Name="Path"
Stroke="{Binding Path=Data.Color, Mode=OneTime}"
StrokeThickness="{Binding Path=Data.Thickness, Mode=OneTime}" />
<Path x:Name="ToArrowPath" Stroke="Black" go:LinkPanel.ToArrow="{Binding Path=Data.ToArrow}"
go:LinkPanel.ToArrowScale="{Binding Path=Data.ToArrowScale}"
Fill="{Binding Path=Data.ToArrow, Converter={StaticResource theArrowheadFillConverter}}" />
<Path x:Name="FromArrowPath" Stroke="Black" go:LinkPanel.FromArrow="{Binding Path=Data.FromArrow}"
go:LinkPanel.FromArrowScale="{Binding Path=Data.FromArrowScale}"
Fill="{Binding Path=Data.FromArrow, Converter={StaticResource theArrowheadFillConverter}}" />
<TextBlock Text="From" go:LinkPanel.Index="0"
go:LinkPanel.Offset="NaN NaN"
go:LinkPanel.Orientation="Upright" />
<TextBlock Text="Mid"
go:LinkPanel.Offset="0 NaN"
go:LinkPanel.Orientation="Upright" />
<TextBlock Text="To" go:LinkPanel.Index="-1"
go:LinkPanel.Offset="NaN NaN"
go:LinkPanel.Orientation="Upright" />

lets say i want to drag and detach (visually) the "From" "Mid" and "To" textblock away from its containing link.
thank you ,
Leo .

Take a look at the SimpleLabelDraggingTool in the State Chart sample.

You’ll want to adapt this to work with multiple labels, since the sample just assumes the label being dragging is the middle or default label.

Thank you very much !

I've used this sample on my application successfully.
thanks again!
leo .