Detecting final LayoutCompleted?


This is for GoXam for Silverlight,

How can I detect that layout has completed for ALL nodes/links in a diagram?
For example, if I add three nodes within a transaction the LayoutCompleted event gets called three times when using the GridLayout. I’ve havent look at the event count with other Layout types, so I’m not sure if the number of times the LayoutCompleted event gets raised is independent of the layout type being used.

Here is my scenario:

  1. Add some nodes/links to a diagram via code
  2. Wait for the layout for all the above parts to complete
  3. Add some more nodes/links to a diagram via code that depend on the previous parts being laid out.


There can be no “final” LayoutCompleted event, because there always might be “more” changes that happen later.

I think the issue is with how often that event gets raised. If you add three nodes within a single transaction, there ought to be only one LayoutCompleted event on that Diagram. Basically there should be at most one LayoutCompleted event per top-level transaction. I suppose there could be multiple ones if you have multiple Diagrams viewing the same model.

Thanks Walter